viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

Dean-Charles Chapman Joins the Cast

According to the CV of Dean-Charles Chapman, the 15-year-old actor has joined the cast for Game of Thrones‘ third season in an unspecified role.
Chapman was an original member of the London cast of Billy Elliott, and took over the title role in 2009. He spent two years starring in the production before exiting in 2011. Chapman also played the title role in the CBBC series The Revolting World of Stanley Brown and will be playing a son of Elizabeth Woodville in the upcoming adaptation of The White Queen.
Based on his CV, he’ll be appearing in the episode directed by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. HBO previously confirmed that Benioff and Weiss are directing episode 3.

He is represented by Kat Gosling of Troika Talent, the same agency that represents Lena Headey, Richard Madden, Oona Chaplin, Carice van Houten, Joe Dempsie, and Hannah Murray.

Given Chapman’s experience and representation, he likely has a speaking role in season 3. There are several possibilities. He could be one of the younger men who turn up in Night’s Watch scenes. There are also two notable roles in A Storm of Swords that we have yet to see cast that Chapman would be age-appropriate for- Edric Storm and Edric  Dayne. To date, we’ve had no confirmation that either character will be in season 3. If Edric Dayne is appearing, it seems likely he would show up before episode 3, based on the first episode synopsis. There is no mention of the Dragonstone characters in the synopsis, which could fit with Chapman not appearing until episode 3.